Our Corporate Foundation was created in 2007 as a result of DELFINGEN’s desire to carry out its actions in the territories where it is established.

These actions are based on four pillars: health, education, decent housing and, since 2017, accommodating for disabilities. These four directions are aimed at DELFINGEN coworkers and their families in order to help individuals gain access to a dignified life, and also contributes to the preservation of our environment.

The Foundation’s concrete actions throughout the world:


  • Vision screening and supply of eyeglasses for school children mainly in Mexico, Romania, the Philippines and India.
  • Vaccination against major pandemics in countries where the cost of such vaccinations is not covered by the state. Every year, 200 to 300 children receive vaccines, in accordance with the local medical regulations and the World Health Organization.


  • Purchase, collection and distribution of school supplies and books for over 800 children throughout the world.
  • Scholarships (USA, the Philippines, Romania), based on school achievements.

Access to decent housing:

  • Renovation and construction of decent housing.
  • Post-fire renovation assistance.
  • Rebuilding program after natural disasters (typhoons, hearthquake,…).

Accommodating for disabilities:

  • For people with disabilities (coworker, spouse and/or children): identifying and funding the type of accommodation required to improve everyday life and autonomy.


  • Many of us want to do what we can to improve our living environment and give our children a world where they can thrive.
  • The Foundation is involved in environmental education and awareness projects. We organize with our colleagues and local partners the collection of plastic waste, in urban environments but also in marine environments.
    We also work on the recycling of these plastics through the collaborative project “precious plastic”.


One-time financial assistance :

  • For the start-up of an economic activity through microcredit schemes.
  • For urgent health issues.


How to donate to the DELFINGEN Foundation?

If you wish to donate to our Foundation, please refer to the table below:

DELFINGEN Foundation France DELFINGEN Foundation USA DELFINGEN Foundation Philippines DELFINGEN Fondation Inde
– either by check, in euros (payable to the DELFINGEN Funds*)

– by bank transfer, please contact Caroline Ondars

– by check, in US dollars (payable to the DELFINGEN Foundation)

– by bank transfer, please contact Kelly Sermo
+1 248 230 3484

Bank transfer only

Please contact Roberto Magali
+63 32 341 1211

Bank transfers in Indian Rupees (INR) only

Please contact Deepak Manocha
+91 99716 01130

*Note for donating to the DELFINGEN Foundation in France: an Endowment Fund has been created to allow the collection of donations made by people outside of the DELFINGEN company. Thus, whether you are partners, customers, suppliers, if you wish to join our approach, it is possible for you to make a donation – at your convenience – to the DELFINGEN Fund.