April 2023

DELFINGEN acquires REIKU GmbH and AHN Chem Co. Ldt

DELFINGEN announces two acquisitions in Germany and Korea in the strategic industrial cabling and textile protection markets for Mobility and Industry.

The first one is about our footprint in Asia and our textile expertise: 
DELFINGEN acquires 100% of AHN Chem Co. Ldt, a Korean company located in the city of Gyeongsan.
Specialized in textile sleeves and heat shields for the protection of electrical harnesses, tubes and hoses, AHN Chem Co. Ldt has 40 co-workers and achieved a turnover of 3.5 million euros in 2022, with a growth of 20%. This operation allows DELFINGEN to strengthen its position with Korean car and equipment manufacturers and to continue to develop its textile expertise, a fast-growing market to address the challenges of new electric and hybrid motorizations.

The second one is about our development strategy in the industrial market:
DELFINGEN acquires REIKU GmbH, a German family-owned company founded in 1969 and located in Wiehl. REIKU GmbH is specialized in cable protection for industrial applications (robotics, automation, etc.) and has 60 co-workers. This operation allows DELFINGEN to accelerate its diversification in the field of industrial applications, which is one of its priority development areas. The industrial market will account for 14% of sales in 2022.

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