At a time when automotive programs have become global, DELFINGEN’s aim is to satisfy the most demanding customers thanks to its innovation capacity, its global industrial footprint and its operational performance.


Innovation is at the heart of our concerns in order to anticipate and meet our customers’ expectations.
DELFINGEN develops new technologies, processes and materials to build the vehicles of tomorrow: connected, autonomous, safer and cleaner.
Our teams partnering with our customers’ teams and our long-term commitment are key elements of success.


Operational excellence

Operational excellence is in our DNA.

We can satisfy our customers’ expectations in terms of quality, cost, timeliness and reactivity thanks to our global footprint, the standardization of our assets and processes and the commitment of the DELFINGEN men and women.

Continuous Improvement is central to our way of working. Our Continuous Improvement Plan is deployed with the same methods throughout our sites, thus contributing to our overall efficiency and performance.


Quality performance

DELFINGEN’s quality system goes beyond methods and tools: it is deeply rooted in our corporate culture.
Continuous improvement of the processes, methods and organization play a substantial part in the reduction of quality incidents. Capitalization of experience and mainstream sharing enable best-in-class practices.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility