Automotive market

Protection Systems

Electrical and fluid hoses networks are the nervous system of a vehicle.

Vehicles have been enriched with media contents, safety and comfort features, increased autonomy and with the development of hybrid and electrical powertrains, the architecture of this nervous system is becoming more complex.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we offer the most appropriate solutions that meet the expectations of the automotive market in terms of quality and performance.


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Fluid Transfer Tubing

New technologies to meet the present requirements

Thanks to our expertise in extrusion and the transformation of plastics, we design and manufacture – in close cooperation with our customers – dedicated solutions that meet their needs of fluid transfer Tubing in vehicles. We offer OEMs and automotive suppliers products that are integrated from the design stage: tubing and systems to convey, fill, drain, transfer and distribute low pressure fluids.

Interior Trim Fastening

Non-visible and yet essential The DELFINGEN profiles and fastening components for automotive seats and interior trim are the result of a long experience. Co-developed with the customers, DELFINGEN customized solutions are perfectly adapted to modern and specific designs. They are easy to set up with optimized sewing and assembly time and they offer a high level of comfort for leather and textile covers.

Assembly and Logistic Services

A true wealth of services associated to our solutions to enhance our customer’s agility and performance We support our customers in their constant push for the optimization of their processes and supply chain. Leveraging our global network and our expertise in supply chain management, we provide our customers not only products and solutions but also a host of associated services: “Last-mile” logistics with product and packaging customization, just-in-time delivery and production line delivery. Integration to the supplier-customer value chain by flow optimization and by ensuring traceability. Multi-component assembly services for the synchronous delivery of finished or semi-finished products to the customers’ production lines.