An important element of vehicle safety

Our solutions convey the washing fluid from the filling pipe to the nozzles. The variety of materials used for the tubes and the associated connectors (PVC - TPV - PP - PP/PA - PA12 …) ideally meet the needs for washing the windshield, headlights and sensors.
Smooth tubes

Smooth tubes

Our range of washer smooth tubes covers the entire needs linked to this function. They can be equipped if needed with connectors designed according to OEs specifications (Quick Connectors, valves…)

  • Raw Material: Crystal PVC, TPE-TPV
Corrugated tubes

Corrugated tubes

Our corrugated tubes ensure the transportation of windshield washer fluid in optimal conditions, avoiding kinking and crushing

  • Raw material: PP, PP/PA, PA12, PA612
  • 4mm Inner Diameter
  • Delivered with specific connectors (Quick Connectors); and fastening and protection solutions if needed
Filling pipe

Filling pipe

Our filling pipes directly connected to the tank integrate expanded filling cuff end, through sections change coming from extrusion process

  • Raw Material: mainly PP, PE
  • Tailored to needs’ design, taking into account environment and tank’s connection requirements
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