People make the difference

Giving meaning to work

In order for each coworker to give his/her best, DELFINGEN shares with all its vision, explains its strategy, sets clear objectives and allocates the resources to reach these objectives, all this in full respect of its values and beliefs.

When these conditions are met, ordinary men and women can achieve extraordinary things.


Investing in human relations

We are convinced that when true human relations are created, people are better able to communicate and work together. That is why DELFINGEN organizes numerous opportunities to meet and exchange between colleagues during operational sessions at local, regional and international level.

And we are just as sure that informal relations, those moments of exchange around a cup of coffee or tea, or sharing a meal or doing sports together strengthens the bonds between team members.


A great place to work

Making DELFINGEN a great place to work is one of Human Resources Direction’s main objectives. Our everyday challenge is to foster engagement by offering a work environment that is both pleasant and motivating and where human relations hold a predominant place.

We want to see how our colleagues perceive the actions we implement and if we have reached our goal or not. Every year we gauge the social climate and carry out an anonymous survey of colleague satisfaction. We are proud of the results: DELFINGEN truly is a great place to work!


An ethical company

Acting irreproachably is our main concern. Therefore, DELFINGEN naturally enacted an anti-corruption/bribery code, translated into all the Group’s languages and applicable to all of our coworkers. This code provides the guidelines to be followed, in order to fight against corruption.
DELFINGEN also has a process to protect whistleblowers. A single point of entry (compliance@delfingen.com) can be used to report anything that contravenes regulation, including corruption.

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Seizing opportunities

A company that develops, invests, diversifies its activities and innovates can offer career paths that are rich and varied. Creating gateways between jobs, geographical mobility, project responsibility: these are the opportunities offered to talents.

Emphasis is placed on in-house promotion for all job openings. Internal mobility attracts talents as they can broaden their fields of competence and experience to the interest of their personal development and the company project.

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The manager

The manager is the conveyor belt between the Board and the field team.

Assuming a manager position implies taking the responsibility to share, apply and ensure that the group’s strategy and culture are being respected/followed.

The manager’s actions will always seek to meet requirements with benevolence. In other words, he will make sure the results meet the expectations and that he acts with care towards people.

Giving tasks a purpose, motivating and developing teams, communicating, making decisions and providing leadership are the qualifications demanded for a manager.



Developing the competencies of all coworkers is a strategic challenge as the international environment is changing.

We offer training programs that combine personal aspirations and the business challenges. The range is particularly wide: technical, languages, cultural, management …

We also invest in apprenticeship and tutoring to facilitate taking new duties and to make practices consistent throughout the group.

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