Born from the will to inscribe our action in the territories where we are established

The Foundation, through access to healthcare, education, decent housing, care for the disabled and, since 2022, to the environment, contributes to greater autonomy for individuals, to restoring human dignity and also to protecting our environment.

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Purchase, collection and distribution of school materials and books for more than 800 children from all countries.

Scholarship for further studies (USA, Philippines, Romania), awarded on application.


Vision screening and provision of glasses for school children, mainly in Mexico, Romania
the Philipines and India.

Vaccination against the major pandemics in countries where the states do not cover the costs. Between 200 and 300 children, depending on the year, are vaccinated (on local medical advice), in agreement with the World Health Organization.


Many of us want to do what we can to improve our environment and give our children a world where they can thrive.

Environmental education and awareness projects will be initiated this year to provide solutions that everyone can implement at their own level.


Renovation and construction of decent housing.

Assistance to the rehabilitation after fires.

Reconstruction program following natural disasters (typhoons, earthquakes, …).


For people with disabilities (co-workers, spouse, child(ren)):
Identification of compensation categories and support for needs to improve daily life and be more independent.

One-time financial assistance: For assistance in starting a professional activity (via microcredit) and for urgent health issues.

For donors domiciled in France, you will be given a tax receipt allowing you to benefit from a tax reduction on the amounts paid equal to 60% of the amount paid for companies, and 66% for individuals.

For more information or more details about our Foundation, contact us by email at fondation@delfingen.com.