March 2021

DELFINGEN’s digital transformation

From SOFANOU to DELFINGEN, digital transformation at the heart of the Group’s evolution

The digital transformation of the economy with, in particular, the arrival of industry 4.0 and the dematerialization of all administrative processes is on everyone’s mind.

This evolution is not new and continues to accelerate, especially in the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DELFINGEN has always been part of this transformation, and digitalization projects are underway.

Today, this digitalization has become both natural and essential: we collaborate with our 4,000 colleagues in the four corners of the world simultaneously, it is possible to know in real time the stocks of raw materials via a simple bar code scan, and we train our employees to new machines via virtual reality training.

No digital transformation without the people of DELFINGEN

Beyond the quality of its products, the excellence of its industrial organization and its capacity for innovation, DELFINGEN has invested for many years in its men and women, capable of understanding their environment and adapting to it, individually and collectively and on a permanent basis in order to meet the challenges they face every day.

By its very nature, the IT department first initiated and then pushed the Group in its digital transformation. It is carried out not only through tools, but also by improving our processes with more automation.

Today, the IT department also supports the different departments of the Group in their transformation.

We must continue to adapt and train ourselves to these new tools/processes, because it is always the People who make the difference.

From paper and pencil…. to artificial intelligence

With the widespread use of digital tools, our business is becoming increasingly dependent on them. Meanwhile, the number of cyber attacks is exploding, targeting companies of all sizes. That’s why cybersecurity remains at the heart of DELFINGEN’s IT strategy.

DELFINGEN invites you to discover in video the path of its digital transformation, from its creation in 1954, to today!