June 2018

Bernard Streit decided to transmit the Chairman position to his son, Gérald.

After leading DELFINGEN during more than 35 years, Bernard Streit decided to transmit the Chairman position of the Board of Directors to his son, Gérald. Bernard Streit retains its Administrator mandate of the Board of Directors.

Bernard Streit: “This choice is the culmination of the managing transmission to my son, Gérald. He became CEO in 2015 after occupying several positions in the company”.

At the same time, to renew the Board of Directors and to support the future growth of the Group, Mr Georges François, Mr Michel de Massougnes and Mr Stefaan Vandevelde resigned from their Administrator position.

Gérald Streit: “I would like to thank these Administrators who supported the international expansion of DELFINGEN. A page turns, new Administrators will be invited to join us in a few months to contribute to the success of DELFINGEN. Together, we will face the automobile revolution and Industry 4.0 challenges”.