June 2017

DELFINGEN Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary

In the context of its 10 years anniversary celebrated in 2017, the DELFINGEN Foundation added disability as the fourth pillar of its scope of actions.

This was a good opportunity to look back at the company’s history and origins, because Emile Streit created the company in 1954 in order to provide a job for his sister Jeannette, who was suffering from polio.

In order to start this new chapter in the Foundation’s history while paying an homage to the former generations, a three-days seminar about disabilities was held in June 2017 in Auteuil, DELFINGEN’s headquarters.

The event gathered 90 associates who volunteered to make the trip from every DELFINGEN plants around the world.

These three eventful days were organized around conferences and workshops aiming for in-situation events and sensitization about disabilities.

This conference’s first goal was to have people carrying out collective debates in order to define our own definition of disability, the multiculturalism of our associates being an advantage.

After agreeing on a clear definition, the attendees got into the substance of the topic and addressed – anonymously – factual cases that happened in every DELFINGEN plants.
They were then able to offer solutions (technical, human, etc) allowing to improve our coworkers’ daily lives, along with their spouses’ and their children’, affected by a physical or mental disability.

Furthering the actions already undertaken by the Foundation, taking disability into account will help individuals become more autonomous.