November 2020

DELFINGEN provides rapid, easy and secure installation while ensuring compatible protection of any kind of cables for heavy-duty environments

Design and manufacture to protect, secure and manage the nervous system of the vehicle.
Our expertise and turnkey solutions allow us to offer the right support for each protection tubing application.

Focus on 3 product segments :

Benefits overview :

  • Fixing and tubes guiding to avoid vibrations and noises
  • High quality plastic solutions to save space and weight
  • Quick and easy installation that saves time
  • Splash and mechanical protection 
  • High temperature resistance (up to 150°C)

One-stop-shop Global Partner
We are able to supply and deliver globally through our advanced logistics centers.

With a worldwide presence in 22 countries and 41 locations, we stand closer to our customers, which allows us to respond to any of your supply requests no matter where you are located. 
To serve you locally, two more logistics centers in the Americas and Asia would be soon complementing Europe for injection molded parts. 
With over 65 years of experience, you can rely on our experts to develop your standard or fully customized solutions.

Let’s talk about your project !